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There is a cleaning charge per pet of Baht 5,000 for cleaning and hygiene the room to ensure of bug free for next tenant check-in and also to ensure that future tenant with allergies have no problems after your departure.  

For the safety and comfort of all our tenants, you are kindly requested to follow some simple rules during your stay with your pet:

  1. 1We accept only cats and dogs with the maximum weight of approximately 20 lb or 10 kg.

  2. 2Pets must be kept in a cage when unattended in room. Please note it is important to respect apartment tenants. If you leave your pet alone in your room, he can feel lonely and cry. Should we receive a complaint from a guest, your pet will not be allowed to stay on the property.

  3. 3Keep your dog on a leash on the property grounds at all times.

  4. 4Please pick up after your pet.

  5. 5Dogs are not allowed in the lobby, library as well as at the pool areas and sports center (gym).

  6. 6Please do not approach the designated dog sledding area with your pet.

  7. 7Seeing-eye dogs are allowed everywhere at no extra cost.

During your stay, we DO NOT provide a carpet and food bowl clean up, as well as a dog cage (upon availability).  Should the service required, the additional of Baht 300 per day for cleaning service will be applied.  The rental of the cage shall be advised upon request.

Please note that our towels are for tenants to be used only and not suitable for cleaning the dogs or cats both light and heavy duty!! 

Should you travel with the friends who are bigger than our 10 kg or 20 lb policy, please let us know.  We will put you in contact with the nearby veterinarian to check your friends in.  Normally it requires reservation in advance.



Max 20 lb or 10 kg




5,000.00 Baht to be settled upon your departure for room cleaning

Additional Service

If you require our assistance for dog care-taker such as cleaning but excluding the walk of the dog, the additional Baht 300.00 per time will be applied. 

Nearby Veterinarian

Available upon request


Pets to be here with us!!

Please understand that we have tenants who are also allergy to animals & pets so your discreet and well take care of your pets are required.  These includes..

  1. 1.Please remove your pets’ excreta or well...you know immediately due to hygienic and health issue.  If we found that these are left in your room or public area, the fine is at Baht 200 per time plus extra charge for cleaning.

  2. 2.Please keep your pets vaccine! Certificate, please.

  3. 3.No flea policy.  Many tenants are allergy!!

  4. 4.Sick pets are not allowed in the premise due to the human health issue.  Your pets should be well taken care of by veterinarian.

  5. 5.Please control the noise of your pets.  All tenants are working hard and need to rest at any hours of the day.

  6. 6.Well..if your pets are female, please be ware of the time of the month.  It happens!!

T Series Place Serviced Apartment

116/1 Charoenrat Soi 8, Charoenrat Road, Thoong Wat Don, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 THAILAND

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